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In Germany, there is a government authority, the German Commission E, which regulates and test herbal remedies. The German Commission E is similar to the FDA in the United States except they are more involved in testing and regulating herbal remedies. The herbal remedy that is officially endorsed by the German Commission E as an effective safe treatment for irritable bowel syndrome is a fixed combination of peppermint/caraway oil in an enteric-coated capsule. Approved fixed combinations can be advantageous over single herbs if therapeutic effectiveness is increased or if the side effects of a single component are lessened or negated. Currently, the largest category of use for approved fixed combinations is for digestive complaints.


Approved Fixed Combination


Fixed Combination of Peppermint oil

and Caraway oil

Published August 13, 1991


                                  Composition of Drug                                                 Interactions with Other Drugs

                                  Fixed combinations consisting of:                                                                Casipride

                                   Peppermint oil corresponding to

                                   February 18, 1986 (B. Anz. P.3077)

                                   Caraway oil corresponding to                                                         Dosage

                                   December 14, 1989 (B. Anz. 22a                                                   Unless otherwise prescribed:

                                   February 1, 1990)                                                                          The individual components of the

                                   and their preparations in effective                                                    combination must be equivalent to

                                   dosage.                                                                                          50-75 percent of the daily dosage

                                                                                                                                         given in the monographs for

                                                                                                                                         individual herbs.


                                   Uses                                                                                             Mode of Administration

                                   Dyspeptic discomfort, especially with                                              Essential oils and other galenical

                                   spasms in the gastrointestinal region,                                                preparations there of for oral use.

                                   flatulence, sensation of fullness.


                                   Contraindications                                                                    Actions

                                   Obstruction of biliary tract, cholecystitis                                           A spasmolytic, carminative and

                                   severe liver disease. In case of gallbladder                                       antibacterial effect is documented

                                   disease, only to be used after consultation                                        for peppermint oil and caraway oil.

                                   with a physician or pharmacist.                                                        Pharmacological tests for the effectiveness

                                                                                                                                         of fixed combinations are not available.


                                   Side Effects

                                   Sensitive individuals may experience

                                   gastric discomfort.