Scoring the Questionnaire

If your score is 74 or lower you are an IBS candidate. Coping with IBS can be difficult in today's world but it is necessary to find a long-term, day to day routine that will help you live with this condition. Changing your diet and lifestyle, avoiding stressful situations, or using some of the natural medications should be your first step in developing a day to day routine. As always, you should consult your doctor for further testing and proper diagnosis.

If you are an IBS candidate, the product Regimint would be an ideal product to add to your everyday lifestyle. Clinical studies have shown that the fix combination in Regimint, peppermint and caraway oil, has an overall effective rate of 95% for patients with IBS. Plus, Regimint is the  protocol for IBS in the Disease Prevention and Treatment 4th edition book published in 2005 and it is recognized by the Canadian Society of Intestinal Research as a therapy for IBS. 



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