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Regimint reviews from IBSgroup.org (Do a site search for regimint)


The Canadian Society of Intestinal Research recognizing  Regimint as a great alternative to manage symptoms of IBS.  A feature article, "Time Tested Natural Remedies for Digestion" was published in the "Inside Tract", Issue 165, January / February 2008 concerning enteric-coatings, peppermint oil and caraway oil - all aspects of what the product Regimint is. Gail Attara  of  the Canadian Society of Intestinal Research endorses Barry Levan of Regimint as a IBS Specialist from Linkedin.

                                                                             Gail Attara, Executive Director

                                                                             Canadian Society of Intestinal Research  03/ 2013


The Delano Report writes "Regimint  a superior supplement for Irritable Bowel Syndrome". In the report, published in April, 2004) it states that if you've suffered for awhile from IBS, chances are good that you've already tried some of the easiest and cheapest remedies- antacids, vitamins minerals, some form of colonic massage, relaxation techniques-and these haven't worked. What should you do next? Keep it simple: try peppermint/caraway capsules, like Regimint, and fiber supplements. These are both quite affordable and you should be able to tell right away whether or not they work for you. The Delano Report focuses on health-related issues from a purely pragmatic viewpoint. Its emphasis is on what works, how safe it is, and where do you find it- not on philosophical correctness, popularity or official approval. Thus, the report treats issues such as "natural vs synthetic" "normal vs enhanced" and "sanctioned vs banned" as irrelevant unless they reflect a real distinction in the risk or benefits of a given technique- which they seldom do.  

                                                                                        Russell  M.   Ph.d.

                                                                                        San Francisco, CA


The published book called Disease Prevention and Treatment, expanded fourth edition recommends  Regimint as its protocol for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The book is the definitive source for  the latest lifesaving medical breakthroughs. Recently updated and expanded, it gives you precise instructions on what to take to fight the most common and most serious threats to your health. Also published in the 2002 November issue of Life Extension Magazine "Natural Relief for Irritable Bowel Syndrome".

                                                                                   Life Extension Medical Advisors

                                                                                    New York


                      REGIMINT REVIEWS BY DOCTORS


I am the senior gastroenterologist for Kaiser Permanente in the Los Angeles area and I have been recommending Regimint to patients with IBS that I thought could benefit from it. Over the past couple years, I have seen a very positive outcome for many of the patients that have tried Regimint. 


                                                                                     Dr. Chris Conteas, MD

                                                                                     Senior Gastroenterologist

                                                                                     Kaiser Permanente

                                                                                     Los Angeles, CA.



I have been prescribing Regimint to all of my patients that are candidates for IBS for past 10 years. I have been very happy with the results and it has been the main protocol for IBS  for my practice.


                                                                                    Dr. Brian Roseco


                                                                                    Grand Haven, MI



I took part in the Regimint Evaluation Program and the product, Regimint, worked very well in relieving my patient's IBS symptoms  in a relatively short amount of time. The patient had no side effects and would recommend future IBS patients to try Regimint to manage and relieve their IBS symptoms first before prescribing mainstream medicine  .


                                                                                     Dr. Jill Baron, MD.

                                                                                     Private Practice

                                                                                     New York   08/2013


From participating in the Regimint Evaluation Program , patients responded  very well to the product. Patients had IBS with symptoms of spasms and bloating. When taking it they had no side effects and within 2 weeks started to see improvements in symptoms. During this time period had treated more than 10 patients. Have made Regimint part of my overall IBS protocol in my practice and would recommend it. Regimint In-Depth Questionnaire completed by Dr. Harold Rosen, MD


                                                                                    Dr. Harold Rosen, MD.


                                                                                    Florida     01/ 2012



Have prescribe Regimint  to patients during the Regimint Evaluation Program. Ten patients were given Regimint for IBS with symptoms of functional abdominal pain, and spasms. No side effects were reported and noticed improvements in a week. Like the product and would carry it in my practice. Regimint In-Depth Questionnaire completed by Dr. Prashanti Thota, MD


                                                                                  Dr. Prashanthi Thota, MD.


                                                                                  Cleveland Clininc, Ohio  05/ 2011 


Participated in the Regimint Evaluation Program. Treated 10 patients with IBS for symptoms of diarrhea, bloating, and function abdominal pain. Their was no side effects and patients showed improvements in two weeks. Would carry Regimint in my practice and recommend it to patients. Regimint In-Depth Questionnaire completed bt Dr. Derek Landan, MD


                                                                                 Dr. Derek Landan, MD.


                                                                                 Scotsdale, AZ       05/ 2011



I would highly recommend Regimint or  similar products in the relief  of gastrointestinal symptoms related to Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

                                                                                  Dr. John  H.,   M.D.

                                                                                  Bend, OR.



                                  REVIEWS OF REGIMINT


 I have been diagnosed with IBS for over 20 years. Nothing has helped in the past. After a little over 3 weeks taking Regimint my symptoms of gas, cramping, bloating, ect. has been greatly reduced. Altitude has also been an uncomfortable factor. Afew days ago I was able  to take a trip to the mountains And had my first comfortable trip in many years. It is nice to feel more normal  now and I can enjoy life more, thanks to Regimint. I tried the IBS Challenge figuring it couldn't hurt and have been very pleased with the results. I am able to enjoy life a lot more now.


                                                                                  Ron S.

                                                                                  Visalia, CA. 04/5/2014


I have been diagnosed with IBS and was recommended by a doctor to try Regimint. It has helped me to keep my IBS under control.


                                                                               Jamie A.

                                                                               California 09/23/2013



I have been diagnosed with IBS. Before trying regimint I was having many more attacks of IBS during the month. I would eat things such as spicy or gassy foods and the next morning I was in excruciating pain until I could go to the bathroom. I still have to be careful  of the foods I eat now but I do not have the attacks I used to. I can handle a lot of fruits and vegetables I could not before. I saw a small change  the first month, but once I had been taking it for about 2-3 months that is when I saw  the difference. For anyone who has been diagnosed with  IBS you should try this product and you will find it will reduce the all the times that you will have an attack.


                                                                                    Dawn S.

                                                                                    California  04/05/2013


I was not able to burp or pass gas the way I use to after I had surgery. My GI doctor diagnosed my condition as "slow motility". After a nuclear medicine test my doctor advised me to try Regimint (enteric-coated peppermint & caraway oil). Since taking Regimint, I have been able to burp and pass gas on a more regular basis and I feel much better.


                                                                                   Stephen  L.

                                                                                   California  03/12/2013


I was diagnosed with IBS as a sophomore in college. Over the past 13 years I have tried different prescription medications to relieve the cramping and bloating symptoms. In just the past year I discovered Regimint and it has relieved my cramping, bloating and even nausea. It has allowed me to do things that before I was either too hesitant to do or just did not feel well enough to do. Thank you so much for this product. 


                                                                               Teresa K.



I read somewhere on the internet that this product did wonders for IBS. I have tried expensive prescription medications that did absolutely nothing for my pain. Willing to try almost anything. I ordered my first bottle of Regimint. This stuff is a wonderful product that completely controls my IBS pain. I only need to forget to order in time, miss a few days of Regimint and I am doubled over with pain. Once back on it for about three days and the pain is COMPLETELY gone. If you have "the gut tortion" as one of friends calls it, try Regimint.


                                                                                My lifesaver for IBS

                                                                                Louisiana, Feb. 2009



Have used Regimint for just over 2 years for IBS and can't say enough about how great it was to have a natural product that worked so well to relieve the pain and cramping of IBS!!


                                                                                 Mega IBS Relief!!

                                                                                 Florida, Jan. 2011



I take this for gall bladder pain. It does help. There have been studies that show the oil in peppermint may dissolve stones over a period of time. I take this in between meals with only small amount of water because the pills need to dissolve in the stomach.


                                                                                  Gall bladder pain

                                                                                  Oklahoma, Dec. 2008



I have only used Regimint for 3 weeks but I really like them so far. I have had no stomach upset or heartburn from using them that I have had with other products. I started using them for a spastic colon that I get whenever I am doing something that makes me nervous. Even though I have not been put into a situation to thoroughly test them yet. I am seeing indications that they will help to keep my colon calmer.


                                                                                Life Extension, Regimint

                                                                                Oregon, Aug. 2008



Oh yes! it works for my IBS so my intestines keep calm, soft and comfortable without making me feel pain or discomfort. It works fast and efficiently, simply with mint instead of taking those pills from doctor which have adverse reactions on the long term.


                                                                               Holy mint

                                                                               Spain, Mar. 2011



Mint is bowel smooth muscle relaxing and it can help on irritable bowel syndrome.


                                                                                Very good choice for irritable bowel syndrome

                                                                                Greece, Mar. 2012



I have been using pharmaceutical products that do the same job as this does but I live in Korea those are hard to get hold of. This product works just as well and is cheaper too! If you have any issues with IBS I would definitely recommend this product.


                                                                                A great product

                                                                                Korea, Sept. 2013



Used it once and I think it helps a little. I need to try it again when I am really cramping.


                                                                                Seems OK

                                                                                California, Oct. 2011          


I suffer from IBS  with terrible symptoms for the last 18 months. For the last two weeks I am taking every evening  2 tranquilizers: Remeron (recommended by the Mayo Clinic),  Celexa (recommended by doctors in Belgium) and before each meal I am taking 1 capsule of Regimint. I am now symptom free and back to normal life.


                                                                               Jehuda E.

                                                                               New York

I am a IBS sufferer since I was 9 years old and now I am 62. I have started taking regimint one week ago for my IBS/constipation. The results so far are absolutely amazing. Nothing has helped me as dramatically as Regimint. My GI gave me a prescription for Zolnorm.  Regimint has worked so effectively that I am not even considering using any drugs. Thank you so very much for this product.

                                                                                  Joyce S.

                                                                                  New Jersey


I am very happy with the results from Regimint. I am diagnosed with IBS and Crohn's disease. After taking the (5) 3-day sample packs, I did not have diarrhea and the pain was easing. Please send me the four bottle deal. I am going to give a bottle to my brother to try.

                                                                                  John  B

                                                                                  Boulder, CO.


My friend has been diagnosed with an illness that is called Sjogrens Syndrome.  The Dr. thought her intestinal problems might have something to do with this syndrome and he wanted to see if the medicine he put her on for the Sjogrens might help her gut problem. She stopped taking the Regimint for a little while and found her problem eased up somewhat by just taking the prescription medicine- but she went back on the Regimint because it solved her discomfort all the way. Says it makes her gut feel more normal and comfortable.

                                                                                Pat  G

                                                                                Tamarac, FL.


I have had IBS for the past 30 years on and off. Your product, Regimint, helped ease symptoms where others have failed. I take the Regimint 3 times a day 1 to 2 hours before each meal. Thanks.

                                                                              Claudia  T.

                                                                               Worchester, MA.


I have been diagnosed for IBS and I have had it for the past 20 years. I find your product works pretty good except for the occasional after taste of peppermint.

                                                                            Ann  M.