Sponsorship of Your IBS or Related Support Group

Cutting-Edge Herbal Products is now offering to sponsor individuals or support groups with IBS or related Support Groups with  its product, Regimint / enteric-coated peppermint oil and caraway oil. Each member  that registers will receive a bottle of Regimint (60 capsules / expiration 2018 / limited quantity available) and a personal self-evaluation questionnaire. As a company, we are committed in helping and informing as many doctors, support groups or people associated or suffering with irritable bowel syndrome or related symptoms as possible. To read his story and what is Regimint: New Therapy for Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Guide Lines of being a " Support Group"

To be eligible  as a support group the following criteria must be met:

Benefits of your Support Group being Sponsored:

How to Register your IBS Support Group for Sponsorship.

As a member or group leader of your support group it is your responsibility to contact your members and inform them about the sponsorship. Each member of your group will then register for The IBS Challenge to receive a bottle of Regimint to try and a pillbox/keychain for one penny (.01). Once three or more  members of your IBS support group have registered those members are eligible for the 50% discount. (Retail price of Regimint is $22.95). Once registered as a sponsored member of a IBS support group, that member needs to reorder once every 6 months to maintain his or her status of "sponsored member" and eligibility for the 50% discount on product. For questions or additional information: admin@regimint.com   

                                   THE IBS CHALLENGE