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  •  2018 Selling on Amazon, Ebay, Shopify and Esty.


  • 2016  Added additional retail stores to become part of Regimint distribution.


  • 2013 The company of  Vital Body Soul of Sweden is now a distributor of  Regimint for Sweden. In 2014, Vital Body Soul plans to expand its distribution to the countries of Denmark, Finland and Germany.


  • 2013 Dr. Aneesh Lakhani, owner/pharmacist at Garden Drug in Florida and executive director of the Broward County Phamacy Association recognizes Regimint as a therapy for IBS and functional abdominal pain has become a distributor for Regimint.


  • 2012(January) Dr. Harold Rosen, MD. (gastroenterologist) makes Regimint part of his IBS protocol. Results were from 10 or more IBS patients with symptoms of spasms and bloating. Patients saw improvements to their quality of life within 2 weeks on average with no side-effects. (DETAILS)

  • Cooperation from doctors who have elected to participate in the Regimint Evaluation Program  will be made available with their permission which will include their results or findings. 

  • 2011(June)     Company begins to offer Regimint on a trial basis to Gastroenterologist in the United States thru a program called REGIMINT EVALUATION PROGRAM. To participate :  REGIMINT  EVALUATION  PROGRAM

  • 2011(May)    Dr. Derek Landan, MD of Arizona Gastroenterology & Therapeutic Endoscopy makes Regimint part of IBS protocol in practice. Dr. Derek Landan, MD participated in the (pilot) Regimint Evaluation Program and was happy with the results and is now added Regimint to his practice. (DETAILS)

  • 2011(May)  Dr. Prashanthi Thota, MD. of the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio makes Regimint part of IBS protocol in practice. Dr. Prashanti Thota, MD participated in the (pilot) Regimint Evaluation Program and was impressed by the results of Regimint and is making it part of her practice. (DETAILS)

  • 2011         Results from the (pilot) Regimint Evaluation Program for IBS and functional abdominal pain are successful. Results from a (pilot)Regimint Evaluation Program for IBS and functional abdominal pain for a trial period of 3 months by gastroenterologist have shown significant improvements with little to no side effects in just 2 weeks or less based on questionnaires that were completed after the trial period.  

  • 2010           Company launches Pilot Regimint Evaluation Program for gastroenterologist. The (pilot) Regimint Evaluation Program is for a trial period of 3 months by randomly selected gastroenterologist for patients with IBS and functional abdominal pain. Each gastroenterologist will be given 10 to 20 bottles of Regimint per month for patients that fits this criteria. At the end of 3 months, each gastroenterologist will complete a in depth questionnaire.

  • 2010     Company sponsors IBS support group "Sibonation" with free product to its members and information.

  • 2009    Company will sponsor IBS support groups with free Regimint to try. To qualify as a IBS support group your group must have at least 3 members with different addresses. Individuals must be first-time users of Regimint, over 18 years of age, and one bottle per household. The only cost will be a shipping fee of $4.95 to $7.00 depending on what country you live in. Ibs Support groups that are interested in participating can register by calling 1-877-877-4059. Part of the proceeds from this sponsorship will be donated to your organization.

  • 2008    The IBS Network, a UK charity for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and its medical advisors support the basic science behind Regimint as a therapy for managing ibs symptoms . Plans are in the works for the IBS Network or the Gut Trust and Regimint to work together in providing Regimint for free to the IBS Network membership. 

  • 2008   The Canadian Society of Intestinal Research, a Canadian charity focusing on the gastrointestinal tract, recognizes Regimint as a therapy for managing symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). In January of  2008, Regimint and The Canadian Society of Intestinal Research work together in providing Regimint for free to its 60,000 plus ibs membership. An informative article was written in their publication called The Inside Tract about the fixed combination in Regimint as well as information concerning The IBS CHALLENGE and how to try Regimint for free. The Canadian Society of Intestinal Research website is

  • 2005  The BLAYLOCK WELLNESS REPORT recognized the fixed combination, peppermint  and caraway oil in enteric-coated form, contained in the product,  Regimint, as an herbal remedy for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). It writes" impressive results by reducing spasms in the intestine and colon". The Blaylock Wellness Report is edited by Dr. Russell  Blaylock, a nationally recognized board-certified, neurosurgeon, health practitioner, author and lecturer.

  • 2004 The DELANO REPORT writes "Regimint, a superior IBS supplement". The Delano Report focuses on health-related issues from a purely pragmatic viewpoint.. Its emphasis is on what works, how safe it is and where do you find it - not on philosophical correctness, popularity or official approval.

  • 2003 LIFE EXTENSION FOUNDATION makes Regimint its protocol for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

  • 2002 LIFE EXTENSION MAGAZINE , November 2002- Reports: "New Therapy for Irritable Bowel Syndrome".    Http://

  • 1997 HERBS FOR HEALTH, Nov/Dec.-Indigestion relief: Mix of Caraway, peppermint stomach-soothing mix. pg. 89.

  • 1996 Clinical Study: EFFICACY OF FIXED PEPPERMINT OIL/CARAWAY OIL COMBINATION IN NON-ULCER DYSPEPSIA. Showed an overall effective of 95% for patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

  •  1991 The German Kimmission E officially recognizes the fix combination of peppermint/caraway oil as a therapy for IBS.


            Peppermint and caraway oil effective treatment for dyspepsia.



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