In what quantity is Regmint sold and how large are the capsules?

  A  bottle of Regimint contains 60 enteric-coated capsules. The capsules are small and easy to swallow.


How often should I take Regimint?

 The recommended dosage is one capsule before each meal three times daily. The dose may be reduced as symptoms of digestion discomfort are alleviated.


For how long do I have to take Regimint?

Regimint is not a cure for IBS but it has been clinically proven to relieve symptoms associated with IBS.IBS is a life-long disorder thus making Regimint part of your daily life-style.


Are their any side affects when taking Regimint?

No, unless you are allergic to either peppermint or caraway oil. Chewing the enteric-coated capsules can give and promote heartburn and acid reflux.

Do the Regimint soft-gel capsules (gelatin) contain cow or pig in them?

The composition of gelatin for soft-gel capsules usually will contain cow or pig and sometimes both. The Regimint soft-gels contain only cow therefore their is no pork in the Regimint product.

Can I take Regimint with other medications?.

Regimint is a natural herbal product which can be taken with other medications. As always, you should consult your doctor if you are currently taking prescription medications. It is not recommended if you are pregnant or nursing a baby.


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